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Wednesday, 21 January 2015


So, back at work, plundering my way through software mods, testing, updates, etc.  Much the same as last year, really!

I finished "Destiny's Road", by Larry Niven, a few days ago.  It's an odd sort of book.  I've read three of the Ringworld books, but nothing else by either Niven by himself or with other authors.  I get the feeling he becomes wrapped up in world building, technology and biology, but at the expense of character development and motivation.  The main character seems to be merely the vessel for the world, rather than any analysis of character or response.  That's fine I guess, but the story starts off with the main character having a certain motivation and drive, which seems to peter out part way through and we are left with an examination of the world, along with a sudden revelation that really seems out of left field.  Worth a read, but I think you'd have wanted to read a fair bit of Niven before getting into this one.

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