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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Long Engagement

For some unknown reason (well, actually, probably a well known reason, known as money), the ICC Cricket World Cup has only scheduled a single game per day at the start of the round games.  With two pools of 7 teams you are looking at a total of 49 games or so before you get to the final eight.  It's going to take forever, and when you have teams rolled for 70 or chasing down 370 it really makes you wonder whether some teams are just there to make up the numbers.  Perhaps the ICC have realised that as well, since the next World Cup will have only 10 teams rather than 14.

Monday, 14 February 2011


I realised the other day that Babylon 5 first went to air in 1994.  Considering the leap that special effects have taken in the intervening years the series still holds up well.  Why?  The narrative is driven by plot and characterisation, not the flash-bang effects.  It's the story that engrosses, the diversity of the characters and the lack of the ST:TNG Everyone Loves Everyone (Mostly) syndrome.  I'm working my way from Season 1 through, though I need to track down the pilot ep and the movies that go with it.  Well worth it.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

My first shower in three days

The lad and I have just come back from a weekend camping trip to West Kunderang.  We had a great time, even if we had to dodge a storm and persistent rain on Saturday afternoon.  The shower tonight was much appreciated, I must admit!

I finished "Forever Peace", the last of my 'read it already' books for the time being.  It's quite good, a number of interesting ideas pushed together and set in the near future.

I've now started "Man and Boy", by Tony Parsons.  It's sat unread for nearly 10 years, which is a bit embarrassing.  The story follows a bloke turning 30 (my age when it was given to me) who throws away everything in his life except his son after a one night stand.  Should be an interesting read.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Roughing it

The Lad and I are off camping this weekend down at West Kunderang with the other blokes from Chapel..  Should be a good weekend of doing very little and catching up with the other guys.  They'll be things like canooing, bush walking and a bonfire, but it's all at whatever pace you want to take.  Considering I'm recovering from a strained quad at the moment the pace will be quite relaxed I think.  Time to take a book or two and continue my reading adventures for the year.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Some time ago I read an article about a group of people who decided to de-clutter their lives.  Not by merely having a garage sale to get rid of a few unwanted items, but to get rid of virtually everything they owned, leaving them with the absolute bare essentials.  Having spent some time lately reorganising things in the house I can well understand why you would want to do that - it is so easy in our society to fill up the house with stuff, even without trying.  It's a bit like your computer - sometimes you just need to format the hard drive and start again from scratch.  Unfortunately the OS included with the house didn't come with a "format c:\" command.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Back into the swing - maybe

A great number of people spend their time at the end of December coming up with a series of New Year resolutions, such as "lose weight", "get fit", "stop using apostrophies in the wrong place's", that sort of thing.  Generally they last until Jan 3 at the best, at which time the whole concept is forgotten about until the next December rolls around. 

I hadn't bothered at all, mostly as I find it rather pointless.  However, come the end of January, I figured out a resolution that is well worth keeping, particularly now that I don't have to spend all evening studying.  I've decided to work my way through all the books we have at home that I've simply never bothered to read.  Some I've been given and just stuck on the shelf, some were Ang's that now form part of our joint collection.  Some Ang picked up when part of the local book review club.  In any case, it's time to get into them and get them read, forcing me to read genres that I've simply not bothered with in the past.

So, what have I read so far?  Well, I've taken the soft option at the beginning, with a couple of books that I've read, but not for ages, followed by one that I think I've read, but can't recall.  So here they are so far:

The Forever War (Joe Haldeman)
Forever Free (Joe Haldeman)

Forever Peace (Joe Haldeman)

After that, I'll grab something off the shelf and see how I go.

As for the first two read, I would highly recommend them.  More so the first over the second, but both are very good.  The Forever War has won multiple awards, include the Hugo Award.  Good sci-fi about a war that spans centuries.  Grab it if you can.