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Tuesday, 29 June 2010


For the last six years or so I've been one of the first aid officers here at work.  My first aid certificate is due for renewal, and the boss has asked if I and the other first aid person would be interested in being trained to use a defribulator unit that the department just next to ours is going to purchase.  There is only one other unit on campus, and since we are way over on the western side it would take time to get here in the advent of someone sufferring a cardiac event.  So I said, hey why not!  So next week I spend a day updating my credentials to include "official chest-zapper".  I wonder if I could work that into a resume or business card?

Thursday, 24 June 2010

It's been a while

Thankfully, my exams are done.  It has been a few years since I've tried two subjects in a semester, along with full time work and a family.  Unsurprisingly it turned out to be rather hard and stressfull, but they're now done.  If the results go my way I will be down to two units to finish my degree, both next semester.

Unsurprisingly, since I haven't managed even a blog entry in months I've not written anything creative (unless essays count).  I've got around 4 weeks until the start of next semester so there is always a chance that I can get something down in that time.  If nothing else I may be able to get a plan for this year's NanoWriMo shaped up.  Last year I had no real ideas until I sat down on Nov 1, and as a result petered out rather badly around the 11k word mark.