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Friday, 31 July 2009

Paint Fumes

Contractors are currently repainting my office, after a student attempted to redecorate it with her car. Unfortunately, they seem to be using the cheap, high-fume variant, so the stink is all through the building. So it's door shut and windows open time before I end up with a splitting headache.

Friday is here at last, but it won't be a late one for me. On top of the rampant display of sporting prowess from the family tomorrow, Chapel's men's brekky is on tomorrow, so I need to be in town before 7:30am. I'd better set the alarm.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Back on two wheels

Got the VFR back from the shop today after getting the front brakes sorted. Very nice now, they feel like they'll actually stop me in a hurry, rather than the old ones that felt way too spongy. I'll have to take it easy for a bit to make sure the pads are properly bedded in, but it's all good so far.

Phoebe enjoyed her birthday yesterday, particularly since Grandma and Grandpa came up for a visit. This morning she asked when she was turning 5, and sounded a little unsure when we told her 364 more sleeps :-)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Was it really four years ago already?

Our youngest, Phoebe, turns 4 today. That means she could be going to school next year - yikes! Getting two ready of a morning is a hassle enough, I'm not sure if I'm ready for three.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A thought on sporadic updates

Those very few of you who do peruse this blog would have noted that for quite some time I have been particularly slack about updates. I could attempt to trot out my usual sequence of excuses, namely having no time, away, sick, nothing exciting happening, and plain old forgetting, but ultimately it comes down to laziness. Effectively I haven't been updating as I simple haven't been bothered to sit down for ten minutes and write something. For someone who has vague pretenses of writing for fun and profit, that's fairly inexcusable.

Dave, over at Blogography, made a few comments a while ago about bloggers he had been following who have simply dropped off the radar with no indication of their intentions to leave. That got me thinking of this rather neglected corner of the internet, and how I too have simply gone silent for a while. So I decided to fix that.

It's nearly the end of July, second semester has just started and our youngest is turning 4 tomorrow. So I'm going to work on posting something, even if it's a twitter-like single sentence, to this blog each day during August. With 24 hours (approximately) in each day there has to be something about which I can make some manner of comment. With August 1st being a Saturday I can think of at least five different things that will be happening during the day so I will have no excuse.

Who's with me?