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Monday, 29 June 2009

Sunshine, lollypops and car impacts

Once again I have had to brush away the cobwebs and dust from this blog. It's not that I've deliberately ignored it, it's more that there has been very little of great excitement going on and I didn't feel any real need to blog on the minutiae of my life. So it just disappeared into the background while I got on with things in general.

Just after Easter we headed off to Sawtell to meet up with the Cavs for a combined holiday at the coast. The best laid plans are often thwarted, with most of us being sick at some point during the week. Even so we all had a pretty good time, finally getting to catch up without all the wedding/christening/whatever that usually goes with our visits.

I finished my study for the semester last Wednesday. The exam was pretty tough, but I should be getting through it. I can now have my evenings back! To celebrate I've been working my way through the Indy movies and am looking forward to #4 probably tomorrow night.

Last Saturday was interesting, combining a flat tyre, my second goal for the season and a strained hamstring. Quite an interesting day indeed.

Of course, the Friday before last was the really interesting one, when a young lady decided to try to park her Chrysler inside my office. She lost control on a slippery bend, skidded across the road and smashed head first into the wall of my office. Luckily I wasn't inside, but was walking up the hill to work and instead watched the whole thing unfold. No one was hurt, fortunately. If you want to see some pictures, check out this link.

That just about sums up the last few months. Vale Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, as well as the truck driver in Sydney who couldn't have been more unlucky if he tried. Rest in peace to them all.