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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

black eyes, fat knees and beatings: aka why we love cricket

Another weekend, another heavy defeat at cricket. We are seriously in need of our student players returning, as well as the 3-4 other regulars who were out for the last couple of games. When your batting order goes 1-2-3-4-5-6-11-11-11-11-11, you know you are in trouble.

Hillgrove made 240 batting first, smashing us all around the park. I had to bowl this week, taking 1-56 of 8 overs, which was the first time I've bowled in 1st grade in around 14 years. Things were looking good in the first couple of overs until Brad King decided to smash us everywhere on his way to 108.

It looked like I was going to have to score 80% of the runs in the chase as we were desperately short of batsmen in form. With Gus away and Buckets injured, I was the only player with more than 100 runs for the season in our lineup. Not good.

The black eye in the title came in the third over when I top edged a pull shot into my helmet. Thankfully I was wearing it and contact lenses, otherwise things would have been rather messy indeed. I managed to get away with a nice lump and some multicoloured bruising.

In the end I made 52, Skinner made 25 - and we were bowled out for 106. I'll let you all do the math to calculate the contribution of the other 9 players. Here's a hint - the not out player made 6. Answers on my desk by the final bell today.

That night my right knee decided that I had been doing far too much exercise and swelled up. Way to finish the day.

Oh, and on Sunday the washing machine packed it in.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Mostly Quiet

Obviously nothing particularly earth-shattering has been going on around here of late, evidenced by my lack of blogging since Jan 5. Work has been busy enough without being overly interesting, and sporting wise we've managed two games of cricket in a row, unfortunately with two rather heavy losses. As it is raining outside currently I'm expecting a weekend off coming up.

Of course, there have been some fairly important events in the last week, namely birthdays for Marcus (9) and Heather (6). Both involved sleepovers that resulted in rather less sleep than normal, as well as much cake, nibblies and more battery operated toys. I think we've depleted the world's Nickel and Cadmium stores rather effectively over the last three weeks or so.

Our darts team has made it into the B-grade final. We've been playing a 4 person comp - team 801, 4 doubles 601 and 4 single 501. On Monday after all but the last singles game we were tied at 4-4. Guess who had to play the last game? No pressure. Tied at 1 leg apiece we went into the decider, and I ended up with 50 to finish. Busted on the first go (single 1, triple 17) I figured I might as well have a lash at the centre bull finish. Low and behold, one dart later we were in to the finals! I was right chuffed at making that throw, I can tell you.

Monday, 5 January 2009

There will be blood.

I bled for the cause today. Not an overly charitable cause, admittedly. I managed to cut or scrape myself in six different locations on my hands while installing two UPSs and two more sets of rack mount rails for some new servers we had delivered at the end of last year. I was ready to pack it all in by 4:30, I can tell you. At least I had cricket training to look forward to after work.

Friday, 2 January 2009

First one for the year!

Rejection notice, that is. I'd forgotten that I'd submitted that particular story and was unsurprised it didn't make it. It had been rejected a couple of times already, and on re-reading it could be better (what author doesn't think that?). Chalk it down to experience and a writing exercise.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

And so it begins

Jan 1 has rolled around with rather disturbing rapidity. Particularly December, which disappeared in a blur of post-nano apathy, Christmas preparations and celebrations and visitors. Now we've hit '09 and I can only imagine that the pace will continue to increase.

I don't like making resolutions, preferring to come up with a series of targets that are, in theory, achievable. This year they include:

* Finishing the '08 nano novel into a form that might be reasonably considered to be 'finished' and ready for review.
* Be prepared for nano '09, with a word count target of 60,000.
* Get a good start on being aerobically fit before the start of soccer training this year. I'm discovering that it takes much longer now than it used to to get and maintain fitness. Darn getting older!
* Hit the gym. Hard. See previous point.