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Friday, 24 October 2008


For a change, not my idiocy either. Yesterday I went down to the bike shop to pick up some parts that had been on order for three weeks and that I had been assured would be in on Tuesday. So I go in and get told, "sorry, they're not here, we're having all sorts of problems with this supplier at the moment." I grit my teeth, but what can I do? Then he looks in the order book to discover a comment next to my order - NLA. No Longer Available. "I'm sorry, no one told me about this, blah blah blah". Crap. A simple bar mounted indicator is no longer available, and there is nothing similar in the book. Fortunately they hadn't thrown out the old one I had left there as a reference, so I grab it back, along with a second hand part that "might fit" (Yeah, right, no bloody chance, I tried it last night).

So I ask, how about the 6V bulb I ordered at the same time? Oh, good, it's arrived. He gets the box, opens it up and passes me one. WTF? This isn't what I wanted! They'd gotten in a bunch of indicator bulbs, when I wanted an instrument bulb. I even had the bloody busted one with me when I ordered it!

So that goes back on order, too. Crap.

To blow off a bit of steam I decided to take the bypass back to work, so I could have a nice little 100km/h (approximately :) ) run. Of course, I then get stuck behind an idiot who decides that 90km/h would be a nice speed, except when there is oncoming traffic which is when they slow down even more. Crap.

On the upside, I was able to glue the old indicator back together, scavenge a lens cover from an old rear indicator I had, and it all works. Three weeks wait for nothing.

At least it didn't cost me anything.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A target on my head

I feel a little as if I was in the firing line today. I had to go out at 2pm - it started to storm and hail. Right at the end of the presentation I was at, just before we were due to leave, it started to storm and hail again. Luckily for me I was getting a lift there and back, rather than being on the bike. Of course, when I'm about to head home on said bike, what happens? Fine and sunny weather.

It's a mystery.

On an utterly unrelated note we won the first cricket match of the 2008/09 season on Saturday, with yours truly making 79no. Sweet.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Proof that it can be done!

A little while ago I told a few people that I had cleaned up the loungeroom at our place. Generally, this would not be seen as a major achievement, but when you have three children aged 8, 5 and 3 it becomes an almost Herculean project. Of course, these people then required proof of said cleanup, otherwise they would not believe it possible. So here it is, photographic evidence of the impossible - a tidy loungeroom!

Please note the distinct lack of toys scattered all over the floor. It can be done!

And now, for cuteness factor, our youngest helping out with the housework:

Friday, 10 October 2008

First sign of the Apocalypse

A bunch of women in my lounge room singing karaoke to Cold Chisel. Eep.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Minor miracle

Or perhaps the successful conclusion of a Herculean task, take your pick. Either way the lounge room is tidy! Anyone who knows the amount of mess three children under 10 can make in a day will understand the effort required to straighten up several weeks worth of clutter. Of course, now that we've added three more children for a couple of days will mean that the levels of tidy will take a severe beating, but for now it's a picture of domesticity.

I even took photos.