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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Royal Rumble

Today's matchup is between VAX/VMS and the upstart challenger tag team, Intel/F77 and Intel/F90. Though in reality it's more of a three way battle, as F77 and F90 can never agree and just go for the chairs from the outset. VMS just sits back on the ropes and laughs, dreaming of better days when it'd go toe-to-toe with Andre the Giant and a good deal less baby oil and hair tonic.

The battle is all about precision and accuracy, with a good deal of speed and agility (F77/90) vs outright brute force and bulk (VMS). I know who I want to win, and who should win, but I'm not the one who is writing the script. Heel or Hero, stay tuned for the next exciting episode!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Zombie day today. My brain refuses to fire up, even with a hearty injection of coffee and Mint Slice biscuits. I think I need to put my Zombie Dave t-shirt on, just to fill the mood out nicely.

We lost darts last night 5-6. I threw abysmally, so it was fortunate that my teammates were on song. Andrew threw 7 tons for the night, including a 110 peg out, while Dave threw 6 with a 180. There are two weeks left before the semis, so I'm going to have to practice like crazy to get back into form.

Only one week of soccer left, and that's in Gurya.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I'm back, and in one piece! Shame about the bike.

Greetings, programs, I have returned, after spending two days bashing around the bush out the back of Coffs and then a day at home recovering and cleaning up. The only "injury" as such was a pair of very fatigued and sore forearms, thus grip strength was totally gone. Good thing I didn't have to open any jars yesterday or I'd have had to head to the shed for a few tools to help me out.

The ride itself was phenominal, though the original route turned out to be way, way beyond the abilities of Joerg and myself. Although we'd made it clear when we booked the ride that we were pretty green at off-road stuff, the trip itself was through some of the steepest and toughest terrain you can find. Fortunately the blokes who ran the tour worked that out pretty quickly, so we got a guide through some of the easier, but still very pretty areas around the route that the main group slogged through.

The only downers were mechanical. I cracked the crankcase in the first hour of the first day, as well as smashing an indicator, speedo housing and ingition barrel, all in one go. Luckily the crack wasn't bad enough to end my ride then and there, but I did have to keep topping the poor XT up with oil.

The other blokes, all experienced riders, were a great bunch. Even though we were utter riding gumbies they were supporting and welcoming, all just happy to be out and riding through the country. A great bunch of blokes. The only downer for them came right at the start of Sunday when one guy came off and broke his collarbone. We were in the support car at the time, so had to double back to Taylor's Arm to pick him and his bike up and get him to Bowarville so he could get transported to hospital.

That was it for injuries. No other breakdowns so everyone got back to the starting point at the farm, exhausted, dirty, but with the biggest grins you've ever seen. A few beers were shared then all departed, keen for a shower, a sleep, and most probably another go next year.

Friday, 15 August 2008

(off)road trip!

Tonight a mate and I are heading off to Sawtell to spend the weekend out the back of beyond (well, not quite, Bellingen/Taylor's Arm/Sawtell) on trail bikes with a group called Coffs Coast Trailbike Tours. Should be a blast, around a dozen guys riding around some really nice coastal forest regions. My poor old XT will feel a bit out of it, next to a whole lot of more dedicated trail bikes, but I'm sure we'll both survive.

Stay tuned for some ride reports next week!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Submission #3: Borderlands

I've sent Silent Guns over to Borderlands - fingers crossed!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Strike Two

No joy for "Silent Guns" at Aberrant Dreams. I'll have to try somewhere else.