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Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Once again it has been quite a while since I've updated. I've not dropped off the face of the earth, just once again too busy/pre-occupied/tired/away/lazy (delete where appropriate) to add anything of import. There has been a few fun developments over the last few weeks, and I'll try to detail them in the next day or so.

If I get really organised I'll upload a whole mess of photos to flikr and post a few links and thumbnails.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Absence makes me forget what I did two weeks ago

Yeah, it's been about that long. Obviously I have such an exciting and celebrity filled life that I have no time for the mundane, such as cold toast or, heaven forbid, blogging. So after my most recent sojourn in the Swiss Alps, I figured it was time to update.

Our first soccer match was two weeks ago. We played pretty well for 85 minutes, unfortunately the 5 in which we didn't play so well saw Souths put three goals past me. Still, with a very new look team I had hopes for the season.

That kinda lasted until yesterday (Tuesday) when I saw the last weekend's results (we were away in Qld, so I missed the match). 0-5 against Norths, ouch. Apparently there wasn't a whole lot of communication going on, and against a well-drilled team like Norths that can be fatal. This week we've got OVA, and I'm back, so we'll see how things progress.

The next big bit of news will have to wait until I get some photos done. Stay tuned...

Thursday, 3 April 2008

You know it's going to be a good day when...

you go to open the curtains in your office and the entire curtain rail falls crashing to the floor. Fortunately it missed the computer entirely. At least the view out my window is fairly nice.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


My short story didn't make it past the second reading for ASIM. Ah well, time to try again! Zombies this time.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Happy campers

Marcus and I spent the weekend at West Kunderang with a whole group of other men from Chapel at our Men's Camp. It took a while to get there - 105km that took three hours. The last 45km took 2 as it was all dirt and pretty steep, and we were in a minibus with four others and all our gear. The amount of gear you need for a weekend camp is pretty impressive, really.

Friday night we arrived, set up tents, had dinner, etc. Saturday morning dawned a bit foggy which made for some spectacular views as the mists lifted from the hills around us. We spent a fair bit of the day on the river in canoes, paddling around the beautifully warm river. Gorgeous scenery. We only capsized once when a section of rapids pushed us into some overhanging trees.

We had a brief dedication around the camp fire that night. It was really cold overnight as the cloud cover from the previous day had disappeared entirely. The next day we spent eating, playing some cricket, bush walking and packing up for the trip home.

An excellent trip, everyone had a great time.