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Friday, 28 March 2008

Wireless. Who says it's better?

My wireless keyboard died of a sudden today. No battery warning, nothing, just a sudden lack of function. Strangely enough the "connect" button still works, causing the receiver to flash its lights appropriately, but none of the keys will work. At least the mouse is still fine.

Of course, I then had to hunt around for an old, non-wired keyboard. Then discovered that if I disconnect the wireless keyboard plug from my KVM switch, the new keyboard will work, but the mouse won't. So I need to unplug the receiver from the KVM, reattach it directly to the computer, and then the mouse works. Interestingly I've still got the monitor and the old keyboard plugged into the KVM and they are fine. So if I want to switch to any other machines (none connected at the moment, but you never know) I'll need to add a mouse to them to get that to work.


Monday, 24 March 2008

There and back again, part 5

Monday, and time to head home. We had a relaxed morning at the Cav's and while we planned on getting away a bit earlier, it was 4pm before we hit the road. It didn't help that I missed the exit on the M2 and so added about 25 mins to the trip, but we got back around 11pm.

It was a long and busy weekend, but worth it.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

There and back again, part 4

Church in the morning, and again John Chapman was speaking. Brilliant man.

We planned to head to the Sydney Aquarium after the service, but what with getting home, feeding the kids and getting organised it was 2:30 before we left the house. 5 minutes later we were back, needing to pick up an additional pram for the little ones. So it was nearly 4 o'clock before we got to Darling Harbour.

The kids, all of them, had a ball. You could see their faces light up each time they moved to a different tank or display. The "Nemo" and "Dory" fish were a hit, as were the seals. We missed the petting tank time, but I don't think they minded too much.

The big hit, though, was the sharks. There were several different kinds, along with rays, turtles and other fish, in a large tank, and you could walk through an underwater tunnel and watch them swim over and around you. The munchkins were fascinated by all of them, and not scared at all. Brilliant.

We grabbed a late dinner then drove back. When we pulled in I turned around to see all five of the kids in our car fast asleep. It looked very cute.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

There and back again, part 3

Saturday saw the ladies heading off to a baby shower lunch, so Cav and I had five kids to keep occupied. Yikes! After lunch we headed into town to watch "Horton Hears A Who" which all but on of them really enjoyed. Cav's second-youngest got a bit scared so he spent the last hour of the movie outside the theatre. Fortunately the other munckins were fine.

Saturday evening we all went out for Ness's birthday dinner. The club we were at had a fenced in playground outside, with plenty of seating nearby so parents (ie us) could enjoy dinner and keep an eye on the littlies. The food was pretty good, nothing too flash, but edible.

Friday, 21 March 2008

There and back again, part 2

This morning was Jonothan's dedication, at MBM ministries in Rooty Hill. As luck would have it, John Chapman was speaking at the Easter services as well, so it was a doubly special event. Look him up if you can, he's well worth listening to.

Afterwards it was back to Cav's places for a big lunch party. There were kids *everywhere* - if anyone tells you we have a fertility problem in the country, tell them to check out the local churches.

After lots of food, lots of fun, we collapsed early. Great times!

There and back again, part 1

Thursday night saw us heading to the Big Smoke (aka Sydney) for the Easter weekend. Cav's youngest, Jonothan, was being dedicated Friday, so we hit the road. We also hit a bird early on in the trip, making the second feathered beastie I've run into in the last 5 months. To put it into perspective, I think I hit maybe 1 bird in the entire 9 years that we had our previous car. Perhaps they are attracted to the colour of the new one?

We got in, eventually, just after midnight, after playing "avoid the M7 e-tag tollway" as much as possible.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Monday, 17 March 2008

Mighty Morphin Refridgerators

Or should that be "By the power of WhiteGoods!", or even "go ahead, make my milk cold." In any case our old faithful, older-than-I-can-remember (I bought it second-hand at least 10 years ago) fridge has undergone a radical transformation and volumetric expansion. It's probably about time, considering the amount of food that 3 kids get through on a regular basis.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Getting there slowly

My story "Movies 2107" has gotten past the first stage of review for ASIM. It might take a couple of weeks to get through to the next level, which is where an editor of the mag takes a look. At that point they hang on to it for three months, after which they either use it or release it back to the author. Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Now, where did I put that cheque?

Two weeks ago we had a do-or-die cricket match on our hands. To make the semis we either had to beat the competition leaders Hillgrove outright and have Easts beat Ex-Services, or we had to win on first innings against said competition leaders and hope that Eats could beat Ex-Services outright. The first option would have had us in a clear third place while the second would have seen us tied on points with Ex-Services, but with a better net run rate. Are you all still with me? Good.

Saturday sees Hillgrove batting first and making 220, with us 2-10 at stumps. Not a good position, as we'd only made more that 200 once before during the whole season. We hear that Easts had bowled Ex-Services out for around 56 and were 2-120 in reply. I figured that while there was an outside chance of Easts winning outright, our chances of making said 220 were slim at best.

Sunday afternoon rolls around and we are soon 4-37. Not good at all. The afternoon rolls on and we slowly compile some runs, with the lads putting on 99 for the next wicket to leave us at 5-136. We hear that Easts decleared at 240 or so and have Ex-Services 8-60.

We finish Sunday on 7-222, with Christian West making 97. Then we hear that Easts finished the rout of Ex-Services. You beauty, we're in!

Not quite.

It turns out that our club has failed to pay our association fees in time, and so are automatically ineligible for the finals. We're out and Ex-Services are in.

Bummer. We appealed, but didn't really have any grounds as a team was excluded last year from the finals in exactly the same way. Unfortunate, but that will perhaps ensure that the executive pulls their fingers out next season and gets themselves a bit better organised.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

It's been a while...

Marcus and I went down to the bike path today so he could ride a bit more. At his urging I brought along my rollerblades as my bike has two perished and flat tyres. Now, it's probably been somewhere between five and eight years since I've worn them, so I was a little perturbed at the idea. I like the skin on my hands and elbows to say right where they are, thank you very much.

In the end I failed to fall over, which I regard as a major achievement. I wasn't going terribly fast mind you, but got the hang of it again eventually.

After a bit we were going to head home when one of his mates from school came down, along with his dad and brothers, to ride and play some cricket. So we hung around for a bit longer.

Good times.

Saturday, 8 March 2008


So I'm cruising along on my bike, it's a nice Saturday afternoon and not much traffic around. Suddenly I run into a bug. Since I'm wearing a full face helmet and riding jacket, guess where it impacts? Yup, on the right side of my neck, the only exposed chunk of skin between my helmet and boots. For a half second I think "that'd be right,". After the half second I'm thinking "OW OW! OW! OW! OW!"

I jam on the brakes a little hard, pitch forward a bit, release them then steer to the gutter as quick as possible. At this point my neck is fair burning. It seems that I've run into a wasp or similar, as it bloody hurts and I later see a couple of puncture marks, rather than the solitary one you'd find from a bee.

Fortunately I seem to have brushed the bugger off so it hasn't wandered down my jacket to do more damage.

I get myself composed after a minute or so and continue on, grateful that I'm not allergic to insect bites.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

It's not that small a target

I really do wish the gentlemen in our department would learn to aim a bit better.