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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Guess what - it rained on Saturday

Yup, almost on cue to rained heavily just before 6pm on Saturday, thus washing out the end of our cricket final. The upside was that we were 6/69 chasing 170, so the washout mean the premiership was shared between us and Hillgrove. So that's our first 1st-grade premiership. Wahoo!

It would have been nicer if I hadn't been given out LBW off an inside edge earlier.

Friday, 25 January 2008

of course

You can tell that I'm supposed to be playing a one-day cricket final tomorrow - it's raining.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

time filler

Stuck for something to do while your OS busily writes 2400 inodes to a new drive? How about replying to 45 blog entries from the same person, covering the last month, that you've not bothered with until now? A perfect way to fill in time and to overload their mailbox at the same time.

Monday, 21 January 2008

18-0 and only one to go.

The New England Patriots are into the SuperBowl on the back of an 18-0 perfect run this season. I'm going to have to watch it for two reasons this year. Firstly, the Pats are in it. Secondly, it's SuperBowl XLII so I'm hoping to channel the spirit of Douglas Adams at the same time.

Five years ago today

It wasn't as long, in fact the end was very very quick, but the result was as good as it was before - happy 5th birthday, Heather.

Friday, 18 January 2008

The tech tip for the day

Remember, when making powerpoint presentations with a large number of photos, please please PLEASE resize your photos before placing them in the presentation. Don't assume that fitting them to the slide changes the resolution - it doesn't. Run them through a photo manipulation software package and drop them to 800x600 or smaller first. That way your 150k presentation does not balloon out to 196MB and crash the old laptop you created them on.

Here endeth the lesson.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Tragedy and the moral of today's story

Yesterday I managed to rip my good workout towel. As it has survived the last 19 years it's not done too badly, but it's the beginning of the end of an era for it. Now I have to find another one to last the next two decades.

The moral of today's story: don't change the defined fonts for MS equation editor. It will cause you to panic when the equations in your doctoral thesis suddenly "lose" a wide variety of symbols. The cure was to reset the styles appropriately then persuade the user not to do it again. Then they have to fix any of the equations that have stuffed up manually.

Monday, 14 January 2008

8 Years ago...

I was recovering after spending 20 hours or so in hospital, though not as much as the wife who had spent the last day and a half, and 23 hours straight in labour. Then end result was all good though - happy 8th birthday, Marcus.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

2008 is off and running

We're all back on deck here at last and I'm back at work. Thanks to our wonderful new spam filter I ended up with only 234 emails over the last two weeks, rather than getting 100+ per day previously. According to various research groups spam in 2007 accounted for 95% of all emails sent. In 2001 it was only 5%. A scarey thought. Looks like in 2009 we'll be looking at 120% of all email will be spam (thanks Illiad for that calculation!).

We spent Dec 31 to Jan 5 camping on Mt Tamborine. There were 10 of us altogether and of course it rained every single day we were there. Every day. Without fail. On the Friday night it rained so much that two out of the three ways off the camp site and into Brisbane were cut with flood water. Luckily our tents did not leak and we had a huge tarpaulin set up over the tents to keep us dry (thanks Nathan and Maria, you are life savers!).

We caught the 9pm fireworks at South Bank and got back to the tents in time to crack some bubbly at midnight to see in the new year.

We all went to Movie World and Dream World on the Wednesday and Thursday. The kids had a ball. Marcus really enjoyed the various roller-coaster rides, and Heather and Phoebe loved the smaller kids rides. The only downside was the constant, and at times heavy, rain on the Thursday, but even that was good fun in it's own way.

As for other events since early December, here is a quick rundown:

* Dec 6th was our 10th wedding anniversary. I was planning on posting then, along with a few wedding photo scans, but didn't have the time. I'll get around to that later. Katrina watched our munchkins on Friday while Ang and I spent a night away at a very nice B&B just out of town.

* Christmas was at my parents this year. We managed to catch up with most of the rellies, including my cousin Kate who I haven't seen for a few years now. We had a great time and the kids loved the time with their grandparents.

* Bought a new car. After 9 years the little 323 was getting too small so we've upgraded to a 7 seat Citroen. Much more room, which we used all of for the camping trip mentioned above.