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Sunday, 30 December 2007


A perfect regular season for the New England Patriots. Three more games will see them raise the SuperBowl trophy in an undefeated season, a feat only performed once previously by the 1972 Dolphins. In that case there were only 14 regular season games, so if the Pats can do it they will have the best pre- and post-season record ever.

I'll blog more later about the last month or so, I've been too busy or apathetic to get around to it before now. Tomorrow we head off for a week of camping in Brisbane.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

What did YOU do today at lunch?

Apart from some shopping for a certain event tomorrow, I wandered into Supermoto as Ang had heard something on the radio about a ride day. I figured I'd head on in and find out when it was going to be on.

The answer was today.

Bugger I thought. Almost in vain I asked if there was any chance of a ride about then. Luckily for me there was another ride scheduled at 1pm (this was at 12:45) and even luckier there was a bike available that I was really keen to give a go.

The Honda CBR 600RR.


Even better was the 30min or so ride we all went on, 95% of which was on 100km/h roads. Extra sweet.

Quite a stunning bike. Sluggish below 5000rpm it really kicks off and starts to party from 6-7000. I didn't rev it too high, but I am reliably informed that from 9000 to redline we're talking some serious performance. The thing accelerates beautifully and pretty well behaved, and stops brilliantly.

It was a real shock getting back on my soggy, underpowered XT250 after that, I can tell you.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Our education system is failing us

There is a large car park near where I work. On the right as you drive in there are rows and rows of car bays, tastefully separated by spindly plant things and blocks of concrete. On the left is another smaller set of bays, that you drive up to the far end and then turn left to enter. About half-way along this left-hand parking area is an exit only road, one car wide, that is clearly marked with signs on both sides that say "NO ENTRY" on the entrance side of the car park.

The sheer number of people I have seen driving into this exit road is astounding. The latest were two people in the space of a minute this morning. This is at a university. Obviously basic literacy is no longer a requirement for either getting a driver's licence or being admitted to a higher learning institution.

The mind boggles.