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Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Back again, and taped up. I've been stretched, poked, pulled and zapped and will be back for another go on Friday. Hopefully it will be right for the weekend.


I'm off to the physio this afternoon to get my back pounded back into it's correct shape. I'll update this when I get back.

Anyone out there want to try my poll for this week? There might be prizes*.

*then again, there might not.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Socks are dangerous

Socks are dangerous. Not only can they cause you to lose your house-elf, they can have a detrimental effect on the general well-being of your lower back. The mere act of attempting to place one upon your left foot is sufficient for them to intertwine their evil essences with one's lumbar muscles, causing much pain and discomfort. Such discomfort is now well into it's second day, making sitting down in front of the computer a trial. A nice warm bath this evening alleviated some of the symptoms, but it's still remarkably tender. One hopes some painkiller laced sleep with result in a significant improvement by the morning.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Friday follies

Things are, mercifully, rather quieter today than they have been over the past few days. We're still battling with our 99% dead MFD, but are having a bit of a win on the printing front. It just needs to hold together for another 6 weeks before it will be replaced. The replacement will be truly "new", rather than "well it's two years old but we'll call it new" that the other one was.

We've got a very busy weekend coming up. I'm away on Gunnedah all day for soccer Saturday, then Sunday is Phoebe's 2nd birthday. We're thinking of having a party at the new kid's play zone at the Indoor Centre, though if we do we'll provide our own food rather than all the junk food that is the only option there. It also makes it cheaper.

Thursday, 26 July 2007


Install new operating system. Run software analysis. Run it again when it fails. Fix boss's new machine. Set up AA's new machine. Run software analysis again. Update operating system. Reinstall system when update screws up everything. Get to gym (yay!). Reinstall done, now change kernel, install new video drivers. Fix up display system three times after new drivers pooch things up. Reboot, looks good. Update. Check on other machine, still running, good. Install software. See how to get 32-bit flash player to work under 64-bit Firefox in linux. It works. Sweet. Look at clock, 4:55pm.

Where did that day go?

Monday, 23 July 2007

Monday madness

The office is slowly looking less like a junk yard for computers. I've still got to move out a couple of new ones, but I have a sneaking suspicion they're going to be replaced by a larger number of outdated ones. Some of those are going to be cannibalised, so there will be ever more junk spread everywhere. I could always build a labyrinth out of them all, with traps and so on. That should slow down the influx of people with silly questions.

Does anyone know where I can get a smallish Minotaur?

Friday, 20 July 2007


I'm back at work today. The family was a bit crook yesterday so it was my turn to keep an eye on things.

I've updated a couple of links on the left. I've added a link to Black Box, which should come out in January or so, as well as to the Australian Short Storytelling comp to which I submitted "Movies 2107". I doubt it will win that one, so I've got a few other places I can send it. That gets judged in November.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


I despise throwing up. Just thought you should all know that.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007


We got a right royal butt-kicking in darts last night, 8-4. It didn't help that we were a player short and so had to forfeit one doubles match and one singles. Considering the lack of practice I've had I threw pretty well. No tons, but three 90+ scores, plus winning one of my doubles and my singles.

To continue the sports theme. Somehow Australia has made it through to the 1/4 finals of the AFC Asian Cup. After a dismal loss 3-1 to Iraq we needed to beat Thailand by at least three goals to progress. In the end we won 4-0 so finished second in our group. Now we have to play Japan, a very tough team who we just scraped past in the World Cup. Should be an interesting match.

On a personal football level we lost both reserves and firsts on the weekend, both by 2-1. Now we've got a week off before travelling to Gunnedah to begin the last round. We need to rack up a lot of points to make it to the semi finals.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

It's Wednesday, so time for a bit of an update of what we've been up to the last week or so.

We were in Toowoomba all last week for Ang's birthday. Wednesday we went out to dinner at a very nice place called the Highland Fling. Scottish theme to the decor with kilts, swords, axes and suits of armour around. The food was utterly brilliant. $36 scored you a three course meal with a choice of three entrees, four mains and a couple of deserts. The entrees were almost big enough to be a main meal, so I had to pace myself to make sure I left some room. Hmm, calamari...followed by medium steak in pepper sauce...followed by pavlova and ice cream...

The kids meals were pretty huge as well, which was handy in a way as we just had to get two of them to split three ways. Well, the girls shared one meal while Marcus plowed is way though all of his.

Saturday night we went out to see Transformers. Woah. A serious thrill ride. The action sequences were a bit hard to watch sometimes, as there was a lot of "shakey cam" used, in an effort for realism I suppose, or to make it easier to hide the CGI. But seeing the Autobots trying to hide outside the main character's house so that this parents wouldn't see them was hilarious. Well worth watching.

The trip home Sunday was interesting. Normally it takes around 4.5 hours, give or take. However, at 7pm, just outside Glencoe, ie 30 mins from home we were stopped by the police. We'd been driving through increasingly heavy snow up to that point and were told that the road ahead was closed due to snow and a jack-knifed truck. So it was back to Glen Innes, across to Inverell, down to Bundara and back to Armidale. A total of 2.5 hours extra, which saw us get in at about 10pm. Fortunately we'd grabbed dinner in Glen Innes so the munchkins eventually fell asleep in the back of the car. Plus the road was pretty good considering it wasn't the main highway.

So I'm back at work, surrounded by four brand new desktops and a new laptop, all for me to set up then give away. Then my monitor blows up.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Movie Review II

True to my word I went to see Pirates 3 yesterday. 4pm show, got out around 7pm.

The verdict - great. Even Keira's purported lack of variety of expression was no great matter, personally. It was long, and threatened to drag from time to time, but generally rocked along pretty well. I was hoping that Keith Richard's part would have been larger, but he did pick up a guitar at one point, so that was ok :-)

We're going to see Transformers this week, so I can finish the movie trifecta shortly.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Mad dogs and Englishmen...

...may go out in the midday sun, but Armidalians go out in cold, wet and windy conditions to play football. I can live with that, but we in general, and myself in particular, had an absolute shocker. I could barely catch anything all afternoon, even dropping an absolute sitter overhead catch right at the feet of their striker who tapped it in. In the end we lost 5-0, with my two big stuffups and a penalty making up most of that total.

First grade didn't fare too much better, going down 3-0.

Plus I aggrevated a quad strain from last week. I think I'll end up missing next week's Tamworth game so I can recover properly.

At least that will mean we can spend a bit more time in Toowoomba.