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Friday, 30 March 2007

Thus ends the week

Friday, yippie. Nearly time to take my runny nose and sneezes home. We've got a busy weekend coming up - St Marks Teach-In weekend, soccer and I've got a 3000 word essay due next Thursday. No rest for the wicked.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Dinner of Champions

Nutella on toast. At 8:30pm. Hard to top that, really.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Release the hounds, Smithers

Or, as it is more commonly known, "submissions away, captain!". Yup, I've managed to get my troika of 120 word fiction done and submitted. Now I need to wait to see if any of them are accepted. I suppose I should really keep working on things in the meantime, especially as the publication date is set for Jan 08. So even if they are accepted it'll take a fair while to appear.


Droooooool.... The local Holden dealer here is now an official Kawasaki dealer as well. Apart from quads, farm bikes and a GPX-250 they have a brand new blue ZX-14R hyper-tourer. Now that is a sweet, sweet looking ride.

"Honey, how much can we get for one of the kids?"

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

A sad day

John Backus has died at the age of 82. Who was he, you ask? The pioneer of the Fortran programming language, the same (though rather modernised) language that puts bread on our family's table. See here for an article.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Back on deck

Monday beckons, as does the blog. I've got no idea where the weekend disappeared to, but it was gone in a blink of an eye. I guess spending 6 unexpected hours at the cricket on Sunday helped in that cause, but two days really doesn't seem long enough.

The golf day was fun, if long. Due to the packed course in the afternoon we didn't finish the round until 6:30 after a 1pm tee off. It was fun though. One of these days I'll learn to play golf a whole lot better than I currently do. One day.

Sunday saw us victorious in the cricket, so we get a crack at Hillgrove to see if we can make it to the grand final. Making the final would be a first for Churches in it's current incarnation, so everyone is very keen. I'll be 12th man again, hopefully all I'll be needed for is a bit of spectating on both days.

"Fire" hasn't moved yet. After re-reading I'm thinking it's going to need a much bigger re-write. We'll see how it goes.

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Just a little peek, who's going to know?

Entries 1 and 2 are (I think) ready for Black Box. I'm very happy with the re-rewrite of "Liar" as it gets my original point across more clearly, and it paced better. "Pants" was a small rewrite, just to tidy things up a little. "Fire" is going to be somewhere in the middle of the two.

Golf day tomorrow!

Monday, 12 March 2007

Dare you open the black box?

Shadowed Realms has opened submissions for it's latest horror e-anthology of flash fiction, Black Box. After I got into the previous incarnation I'm going to give this one a shot as well. I've got four pieces written, but they need some heavy editing, some more so than others. I need to get off my overly-busy butt and get into it before Cav sends the attack ferrets around again.

I've decided that if I need some encouragement, I'll just check this out on a regular basis.

Thursday, 8 March 2007


I think I spoke too soon when I described things in my last post as only a little crazed around the edges. Things are rapidly descending into farce and folly around here.

Point 1. For the last umpteen years, the university has paid a site licence for the SAS statistical package. The licence is due at the end of February, and expires at the end of March. So the university has decided to no longer pay the site licence. But do they inform the general university community? Do they consult the general university community before making this decision? if you're reading this, then I'll bet you know what the answer is...

So they want the departments to bear the cost. Which is $15,000 per faculty, or around $6000 for a single seat licence. Ouch. Did I mention that the software will stop working in two-three weeks?

Perhaps you are wondering what the site licence for the entire university was. Perhaps it was inconceivably large if a single faulty needs to pay $15 grand? Nope. $40,000 covers the entire university. Less than three faculties worth. Discussions are continuing.

Point 2. We wish to purchase a monitor for a staff member whose old one has had it. So we ask finance if we can purchase one on our departmental credit card, or do we have to go through the usual method of ordering, raising invoices, sending them to finance, have finance pay then have the goods shipped. Simple question you would think. Ahh, but this is a university bureaucracy. So we get a couple of questions in reply to ours:

1) What are you going to use it for? (er, attach it to a computer so we can do stuff)
2) There must be lots of other monitors around campus, can't you just use one of those? (Hmm, now who would like to give us a nice brand new 19'' LCD?)

I wait in breathless anticipation for what Friday will bring. A nice morning tea I hope. Other than that I'll just take it one second at a time.

Signing off for now...

PS You know I'm at the coal face when it took me three goes to spell "bureaucracy" right.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Mad March

Well, almost. A little crazed around the edges, but not all the way over as yet.

My first darts night was last night. It was the second round, but I couldn't make it to the first game. The team is mostly guys who haven't played very much, other than Kieren and myself, and I've only been kinda serious about it for 18 months or so. We were heading for a loss when I left, but we had been competitive, getting down to the doubles on each game. Kieren threw well, scoring three tons for the night. My efforts were pretty ordinary, only throwing a few good scores and one ton (104: t16, t16, 8). I couldn't throw a double to save my life. Time for more practice, perhaps.

Manic fortran coding at work is progressing apace. Our data integrity software is coming along nicely, though the interpretation of the numbers I'm producing will take some time, which will result in further software tweaks down the track. Still, it keeps me out of the bars before 5pm, so it's all good.

I played cricket again on the weekend. We finished a two day game inside of one, after some very good bowling and some brilliant batting. We dismissed Centrals for 83, knocked up 2-153 in 16 overs (Andrew Skinner, 100 of 53 balls!) then rolled Centrals again for 40. Considering the forecast is for rain all this week it was brilliant to get the outright win in a day. If the other games are washed out there is an outside chance we could finish second, but definitely we'll finish third. Here's hoping for a big shot at the title this year.